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    January 21, 2010
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to sleet and to the maryland border where 1, 2, 3, 4-inches could fall. temperatures right now, not that cold. 42 downtown, some upper 30s, but not that cold across the area. that's the reason we are not calling for a major ice storm. a lot of this could stay south of us. >> thank you. we have breaking news to talk about. two breaking breaking news stories we are calling. toyota is recalling vehicles with pedals that could stick. lot of information here, this recall includes the 2009, 2010 and the same for the matrix.
'07 to '10 camry and tundra. they are saying this recall is due to the vehicle's pedal becoming stuck. our other breaking news comes from northeast dc where crews are on the scene of five water main breaks. this is a picture of one of the problems. water service to several apartments in the area has been impacted. the crews blame the temperature swing and the age of the water mains for the break. a teacher is accused of sexual assaulting a student. it's the same school that president obama's children go to along with many other vips. >> reporter: robert peterson was placed on leave before the school year even started after a young male student here said
he sexually abused him and now after a four month investigation, peterson, who is 65 years old is facing sex charges for crime against a young boy. jennifer japody has lived across the street where robert peterson since 2001. >> he and his wife jackie are great neighbors. he will be out work inning the yard and we have great conversations. >> reporter: this neighbor is surprised to here what was going on behind closed doors. officers are saying that the teacher befriended a boy there, repeatedly invited him to his house, showed him porn and touched him repeatedly. >> i was very surprised. it does not seem characteristic
of him at all. >> reporter: a friend told an atold who alerted school officials. they placed peterson on leave before the year starting pending the out come of the investigation. >> reporter: does it make you uncomfortable knowing that you lived across from him and didn't know what was going on behind closed doors? >> ab salutely. >> reporter: -- absolutely. >> peterson was fired and he is facing bond. he is facing charges in another
situation as well. back to you. >> all right, audrey barnes, thank you very much. now to the latest on the after math of the earthquake in haiti. two more sizable after shocks rattled the area today. the estimated death toll now stands at 200,000 with 80,000 of those buried in mass graves so far. search and rescue teams are still at work, but more than a week after the quake, hopes are dimming that anyone could be still alive in the ruins. 1400 flights are on a waiting list to get into haiti. a father in maryland is mourning the loss of two of his children who died in haiti. as we are hearing, the family is coping with the loss. >> reporter: a 9-year-old and his 11-year-old sister are
among the tens of thousands who died in haiti. the children were from or area and died in the building that was crushed. five of their siblings survived. >> i kept yelling and i don't hear nothing. the ground floor was gone. while we were digging, we saw bodies. i had to call the rescue. >> reporter: the father told us that the family was in haiti for a funeral and now he is struggling to deal with the incredible tragedy. >> how do i deal with that? first of all, i believe in god. i believe that god gives and he takes. >> reporter: deborah was a 5th grader and her brother a 2nd
grader. his class is filled with memorials as his classmates deal with the grieve. >> -- grief. >> the staff has been incredible. it's a very compassionate school. we all come together as a family. >> reporter: the siblings are dealing with the loss. >> if i am down, my wife helps me. i tell them this is life. i don't want to cry in front of them. i don't want to hurt them more than they hurt. >> we are learning that an american artist and a teacher from maryland are also among the victims. the 35-year-old taught at the school of art in baltimore after he was killed in the hotel to retrieve his computer.
some people in haiti have searched the rubble themselves and others hired rescue teams. the u.s. embassy has only accounted for hundreds of the 45,000 in haiti before the quake. at least 35 are dead and there are reports of at least 45 others also dead. since the americans don't register with the embassy, it's hard to say how many are missing. but a couple in the area are waiting for their haitian daughter to join the family. she should arrive tomorrow night. she survived the earthquake, but now the orphanage where she is staying is out of food. and coming up at 5:50, a local store collects hundreds of shoes to send to the people of haiti. we'll tell you more about that. police now have a possible motive for this week's massacre
in virginia. 39-year-old christopher spate was worried his sister and brother-in-law was going to kick him out of the house. three high school students were involve the victims. >> these students have many friends. they have participated well in the classroom and school activities. we will miss their smiles and their laughter. these students loved life. >> spate surrendered yesterday after a man hunt. explosives were found in his house. a 65-year-old woman, two of her granddaughters and a 2-year- old great granddaughter die ned a blaze on east oliver street last night. a preliminary investigation found no smoke alarms in the
house. investigators are saying that two men were scuffling outside of the overlook manner apartments when a gun went off. it has now been three weeks since karl deener was found dead and the arlington police are no closer to finding his murder. here's more. >> reporter: karl deener's friends are offering $25,000 in cold hard cash to anyone who can identify his stone cold killer. >> money kept pouring in and basically, long story short, i think that whoever committed this crime certainly didn't bargain for the whole community rallying together and putting a price on their capture. >> for the community to do that, it's just been amazing. >> reporter: it's been three
weeks since the murder. he was a retired federal employee who worked at this health club. the police believe he was walking to open this gym when he was attacked. >> reporter: he was found stabbed to death here in arlington, but the police don't know who did it, or why. the murder scene is a few blocks away from bars and restaurants. >> it does get a little bit sketchy when people are leaving the bars drunk. we have looked into the area to see if anything is linked to that crime, but nothing for sure. >> reporter: the police leave someone leaving the establishments may have seen karl. >> someone out there has the winning lottery ticket. we want them to come forward
and take that money. >> anyone interested in making a donation to the reward fund can find anything on our website at wusa9.com. utility crews worked throughout the day to fix this toppled tower in prince george's county. it was knocked over yesterday by a dump truck. nearly 100 homes lost power, but they are back on right now. let's get a look at traffic. you can see we are tracking the brake lights here on the outer loop due to a disabled vehicle blocking the area on wisconsin. we are still seeing delays. moving onto virginia where 66th eastbound and westbound all looking in pretty good shape, no one run intoog
accidents blocking the lanes right now. still, a good 15 minute drive at this hour, no big problems to report. on 395, we are seeing the traffic crawling from 14th street bridge all the way to the mixing bull, the drivers are going way below speed. back to you. all right, for the fourth day in a row, the rain is pummeling california. we'll have the latest. mr. brown comes to washington.
big losses today on wall
street. the nasdaq dropped 25 points and the s&p 500 lost 21. job creation is the key and we heard it yesterday. that's the message to president obama. the concern is the upset victory of scott brown for the late ted kennedy. as for president obama, he is promising more aid. and the president is blasting today's sweeping supreme court decision that could have an impact on the midterm election. the justice overturned a ruling that said corporations have the same free speech rights as individuals to spend as much as they want to elect candidates. it looks like big changes are on the way in the push for
health care overhaul. the new senator made the browns already. joel brown has the latest. joel, good evening. >> reporter: hi, anita. scott brown got the tour on the hill today. he met with jubilant republicans and democrats who he said forced to change. washington got the tour from the senator from massachusetts. >> it's been fun, appreciate it. >> reporter: scott brown arrived at the capitol with zero seniority. >> there seems to be no transparent si. >> reporter: the senate republicans welcomed brown as the vote they need to stop pushing the bills through the
senate vote gop support. >> reporter: brown's upset win in massachusetts left democrats scrambling to save their agenda. some want the bill to be palszed as is. but many liberal house members don't like the plan. >> i don't think it's possible to pass the senate bill in the house. >> reporter: now democrats are discussing a scaled down version, a health care bill that keeps only the most popular provisions like barring an insurance company from rejecting a patient with preexisting medical conditions. with midterm elections in the fall, democrats fear another voter backlash like the one that stunned the party in massachusetts. so, even writing a scaled down
version of the health care bill is likely to be a lengthy process. we are following it from capitol hill, back to you. >> thank you, joel. well, metro is spending about $739,000 to advertise despite the crisis and service cuts could be on the way. the new ad slogan says look how far we have come. metro says the ads are within the company's guidelines. federal officials expressed regret today that it took a deadly train crash to change the measures. 25 people died and another 100 people were hurt when the passenger trains collided outside of los angeles in 2008. investigators found that one of
the engineers sent numerous text messages while on duty. congress required companies to make changes. we have more misery to talk about in southern california. for the fourth day in a row, heavy rain is falling in california. the area is right for mud slides and flooding. people are being told to get out now. >> for those people that are still in the homes and they are in the areas of threat, it's very likely, we will not be able to reach you. >> officials estimate that 75% of the home owners in the effected area have already gotten out. for those deciding to stay, there's the issue of flash flooding. not a lot of rain coming
our way, but the mix of something. this is the first california storm, the second one will hit us on sunday. >> oh, how nice. >> here's your forecast for the next three day, we are going to have a mix in the morning, but i think it will stop by sunday. look at sunday with temperatures in the 50s. we have winter weather advisories. loudon county north and west. we do have a storm potential map. traced to an inch north and west of town, but i think the real bull's eye is going to be in the panhandle of west virginia and i'll tell you why in a second. it's not a snow or ice storm for us, but we could be in what is called a dead zone.
this doesn't get the heavy precipitation to us. the second one develops to the southeast of us and by the time it develops, it takes the precipitation away. we could see an impact on the friday rush hour because the roads are wet. not a great cause for concern. we were 60 on tuesday. wind advisory north and west. rain and or sleet overnight. the temperatures in the low 30s. let me show you doppler and you can see we have some sleet. out toward front royal, we have reports of sleet in cat let and middle town and even though the temperatures are above 40, it's enough to cause sleet. that's much better than freezing rain. let's go back to the commute. again, the temperatures not that cold. lows tonight, we are just going to kind of flirt with freezing.
32 in silver spring. that's why i'm not really concerned about an ice storm here. tomorrow morning, rain south and east, mix elsewhere, ends around lunchtime, the temperatures in the 30s and by afternoon, i think we will see breaks in the clouds late. the winds north easternly about 10 to 15. watch this satellite picture, this is what i was talking about. this is the first storm and this is the second storm. watch how this storm is going to die off to the east of us while this storm will skirt and take all of the precipitation with it. we get in the dead zone. i think that's what's going to happen in the next 24 hours. we'll have sleet in the mountains, not a big deal. rain on sunday. that's storm number two, we are on the warm sector. it will be a blizzard in the
plain states. we are back in the 40s and it does appear to be getting colder next week, tuesday, wednesday and thursday, temperatures in the 40s. >> round one, round two. >> right. >> the one-two punch. we are getting ready. thanks, what's next for conan o'brien now that he's been bought out by nba. >> plus, a tiger woods sighting when we return. look at you.
body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. [ laughter ] >> he is usually not that quiet. okay, les take it away. >> but don't go so fast, wait a minute, the nbc late night fight is over. the network agreed to a peace treaty with o'brien.
o'brien will get more than $33 million, the rest will go to his 200 plus staff and severance. o'brien will be free to seek a deal on another network on september 1st. jay leno returns to the tonight show on march 1st. the former police officer, drew peterson is accused in the death of his third wife who was found in a bathtub in 2004. her death was ruled a homicide. a new photograph appears as a report is saying that tiger woods is seeking help in mississippi. he is dressed in white shorts and also a hooded black
sweatshirt. the photograph was taken in hattiesburg. former presidential candidate john edwards is coming clean. >> that's right, reaction to the confirmation that he did indeed father a child with a woman who he has an affair.
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we have some breaking news out of farefax county. peggy fox joins us live with more. >> reporter: well, lesli, that guilty verdict came down in the last hour, but they deliberated all day. is surgeon said that the brain is like an egg and if you shake
it all day, you can not damage the yolk, however, another witness said that you do this and you do horrendous damage. >> noah had, um, noah had damage to his eyes. it was initially thought he might be completely blind. it appears he can see, all though not perfectly well. >> reporter: the doctor says that noah also suffered from seizures and the parents worry about brain damage. they blame their care giver. she took the stand telling the jury that she never shook him and he just went limp in his arms. >> this can happen. >> reporter: this witness says
that it couldn't have been done. >> you can't shake a baby hard enough to do that. >> reporter: he believes that the bleeding in his brain and others is caused by an injury to the head when the baby is sweesed through the birth canal. >> that rotational causes the issues in brain, you don't get that kind of injury from what he is talking about. >> reporter: betterman says that what happened to noah is from shaking. now, after the verdict came in, the case went straight to the sentencing phase and noah's father, michael wittmer took the stand and told the jury that noah has permanent brain injury and that this is a life
sentence for noah and the family. now the care giver is found guilty of both -- if found guilty of both counts could get up to 10 years. peggy fox, back to you. >> thank you, peggy for that. the ship remained off the coast of haiti and now officials are sending people ashore. >> our crew has been on the coast and he went into port-au- prince. he joins us live by phone. scott, tell us more about what you saw. >> reporter: well, this is all about the medical system on haiti which has essentially imploded and that's what this is here to do is to back fill the area. we had a chance today to fly in
the med vac helicopters. it's right around the corner from the national university hospital where there are more than 500 people camped out under tarps on every walkway in the complex. many of them with critical injuries, amputations. it's as bad as you can imagine, an out door hospital like a war hospital, certainly battlefield conditions. this is the kind of group that the people are here to help and from that hospital, they were able to bring another 80 on board bringing the count up to 160. also on the ship today, there was the first death that occurred here. clearly, an indication of what we are dealing with here. the issues is to get to the national hospital if they are sick. that seems to be the conduit,
or the choke point. some of the people i talked to today when i asked them did they know that the big ship is offshore and they said yes, they are thankful that it's there, but many expressed fear that they would be separated from their families. even people with amputations that needed treatment. so, it's a difficult situation both for the people here on the comfort and for the people on the ground trying to figure out what to do. a lot of separated, perhaps orphan children here. we'll have more coming up on wusa 9 and wusa9.com i'll have the full report. >> scott brooms thank you so much for that report. no. the meantime, a clothing store in frederick, maryland are doing their part to help. they are collecting shoes.
here's more on soles for souls. >> reporter: they are filling boxes with shoes to send to haiti. >> we set the goal at 1000. >> reporter: the owners have already surpassed the goal. >> these are fantastic because they can keep using them in any type of weather. >> reporter: many people are donating shoes that hardly look used from men's, to women's to little kids. >> i have these brand new shoes that i had bought that are very good and then i had an injury and i can't wear them anymore and when this happened, i thought i needed to get them there. >> these, here, i think they are about $100. >> reporter: this group is teaming up with a group in nashville to get the shoe to the people who need them the most. >> we are going to put them on
a big palate and send them to tennessee where the soles for souls is. especially at a time when money is tight, donating gently used shoes means that everyone can help. >> just give. >> if you are interesting in donating, please remember that tennis shoes, boots and sandals are what are needed the most. we have more information on our website at wusa9.com. the american red cross wants you to know how your text donation for haiti are being spent. the relief agency says they have relieved more than $137 million according to a red cross spokesman says that more than $40 million of that dollar has been spent on the needs of haiti. the red cross was criticized for its response to hurricane
katrina and september 11th and to donate to the red cross, text haiti on your mobile phone to the number 90999. we also want to remind you that more than 100 of the biggest names in film, tv and music are going to participate in the hope for haiti now, a global benefit for earthquake relief tomorrow night at 8:00. you can see it right here on channel 9. there will be perform manceing by bono, madonna and the list goes on and on. the proceeds will go to haitian relief. for more, go to wusa9.com. well, former senator john edwards admits that he fathered a child with a videographer.
something he has denied before now. >> reporter: a thousands miles away from his troubles at home, john edwards is in haiti to help. >> we have supplies and medicine. >> reporter: his trip comes on the same day he finally admitted he lies and fathered a wild. in a statement edwards said "it was wrong for me to deny that she was my daughter. i am quinn's father." it happened while he was working for the white house. at the same time, his wife elizabeth was battling breast cancer. the admission comes before the release of a book by an edwards' aid. >> we have wanted john to be
real. >> reporter: elizabeth edwards says my whole family feels relieves. my marriage shouldn't be on anyone's radar screen except mine. mrs. edward's cancer has improved. as for edward's trip, when he told the white house he was going, the reaction was silence. >> john and e elizabeth edwards are reportedly celebrated.
boy, we have a bargain for
you, in tonight's shopper alert. macy's is planning to open a bargain store. >>yayay! >> i knew you would like that. the new out lets are expected to open this summer and fall. >> speaking of shopping, it's the end of an era in georgetown. the store has sold off beat clothing and accessories. commander salamanders was popular during the punk period during the 1980s. coming up, we are going to show you ways to shop and dine. and people from the sport's world come to honor the
broadcasting legend george mike l. we have rain and sleet south and west of town. we will give you our take on the to help my patients avoid dental problems
i recommend act fluoride mouthwash.
act works with calcium to rebuild enamel. to avoid dental problems act daily. shop, dine and help haiti at the same time. grocery stores are going to let you make donations to the relief effort when you check out. and restaurants are going to help out too to support haiti. 701, ardeo and bardeo are going to donate $1 from each of the sales of each of the signature dishes. also on friday, several businesses are going to host something called "georgetown
for haiti." you will get cup cakes, food and drinks. the $10 will go to doctors without borders. since 2007, over 7 million cribs have been recalled, but the recent recall of the drop side cribs brought the chair to capitol hill to testify before a congressional panel on crib safety and in her opening statements, she told lawmakers she was implementing a new stand dared for cribs. >> second, we are going to expand the commission's early warning system by having an early warning team for bassinets and other baby products. we want to know how effective
the recalls are. >> the cpsp chair says she hopes to have the mandatory issues in place by the end of the year. we get more information on the asia crib recall on our website at wusa9.com just click on living smart. and 9 news now at 6:00 is less than 15 minutes away. here's what we are looking at. out rage in fairfax. we all know that our credit rating with effect employment, but some lawmakers are out to change that. and some are dealing with their loved ones trapped in haiti. >> a lot of people wondering how bad the commute is going to be tomorrow morning. >> well, here's the deal. notice what is missing?
no bread-o-meter. the next three days, whatever we have in the morning will end by lunchtime. it will remain rain, and a little bit of a mix north and west. upper 30s tomorrow. nice on saturday, mid 40s. second storm from california comes in on sunday. that will be rain and temperatures in the mid 50s. again, storm potential, a trace to an inch of precipitation. the bull's eye will be in the mountains, really. the predominant precipitation will be in the form of sleet. it's not a snow, it's not an ice storm, we could be in the dead zone. one storm takes the initial precipitation from the west and pulls that out to the south and east of us. the impact for the friday rush, yeah, there will be some, it's going to be wet, but not that
critical. winter weather advisory north and west, rain and or sleet north and west. the lows in the 30s tonight. 32 in buoy and 32 in upper marbul. there's the line of precipitation. it hasn't made much progress to the south and east. we'll put this into motion and in the next hour, we are going to see very gradual movement. all right, back to the computer we go. in the morning, we'll have the mixture. temperatures in the 30s. everything tapers off by lunchtime with the temperatures in the upper 30s. this is what i mean with this one storm with the precip and this storm in the precip. we are going to be caught in
the middle. everything shuts off pretty early in the afternoon. rain on sunday and 54, maybe a left over shower on monday and then colder again. winter may come back. a little bit of a come back, actually. a reminder with storm alert, 9 news now begins at 4:30 in the morning. >> thank you. and in sports today, a goodbye to really a sports legend in this town. and really other than for presidents, i haven't seen crowds like that. if you were in sports, you were there today. when george michael talked sports, when george said it, it reeked importance. we gathered in the most glor
glorious cathedral. >> reporter: dan snyder, art monk, just a few of those who showed up to memorialize the man who brought the sports to new heights. >> we both came to the area together. >> he was nuts. [ laughter ] he was an american original. >> reporter: even former redskins' boss jim zorn was there. >> i just have wonderful memories how he prepared and he was in my face and he asked me difficult questions. >> reporter: jim vance utilize ed michael. >> george had just come from another devastating round of chemo. >> gibbs describes a friendship formed through faith. >> he would describe the things
he was going through. i said george, i don't know how you are doing it. i said i don't know if i could and he encouraged me. >> reporter: many of michael's colleagues met last night to remember him and when asked to recall some of the conversations with the former sports broadcaster, gibbs said he was at peace because he knew which george was going. >> so, now george is gone, and believe it or not, it's been 17 years since we lost glen brenner. i sit in his chair every night. now we have to live up to george's legacy, too. >> thank you. up next, tests only for the doctors offices now for the
home. which work? we'll have more. tonight's living well segment is next. ññ
home medical tests as a
window into your health, there are a lot of them on the market claiming that some of the same screenings done at the doctor's office can be done at home. are they accurate? would you skip going to the doctor if you could take a home test instead? >> in a recent survey, nearly half of the people said they would do this test. >> reporter: and there are all kinds of test ons the market now. you can test everything from allergies to men menopause. >> reporter: the home tests claim to tell whether a woman's period changes are due to menopause. >> the problem with the test vary tremendously in the normal cycle so if crow don't measure -- you don't measure the test
at the right time, it may tell you you are in menopause when you are not. >> reporter: what about allergies? >> they test only certain things. in the office, we can measure the type of aler gin. >> reporter: the tests were used and then compared to those at the lab. >> we found that one tests the cholesterol is comparable, but it only gives you certain information. not all you would need. >> reporter: compare costs, you may spend more on a home care kit than by going to your physician, especially if you have insurance. for more, go to wusa9.com and click on living well. thank you for

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